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How to Self-Induce Still Point

What is Still Point?
Still point is a temporary stop in the circulation of fluid through your brain and spinal cord areas. 
In plain English, I would describe still point as being similar to pressing a finger on your skin somewhere to temporarily stop blood flow, and when you release the finger, the skin appears flush. Shortly after the release, blood comes rushing into the area and suddently there is a strong influx of fresh blood and increased circulation. Still point performs the same type of flush, but it occurs in the cranium with the fluid that cleans and nourishes the brain and spinal column.

When is Still Point Useful?
Still Point brings the body to a very relaxed and quiet state, and it “resets” the CranioSacral system. By intentionally inducing a still point on a daily basis, you can keep the system operating efficiently. Here are some specific reasons you may want to induce a still point:

• Reduce a fever by up to 4˚ Farenheit
• Decrease Stress
• Reduce pain
• Reduce Anxiety
• Alleviate headache
• Increase Energy

What do I need to Self-Induce Still Point?***
Get two tennis balls and place them inside an athletic-type sock that is long enough so that you can tie a knot on the open end (tie it tight enough so the balls cannot move around). Alternatively, you can purchase a commercial product that will do the same (Still Point Inducers available on CranioCradle or Upledger.com). 


              CranioCradle                      Upledger Still Point Inducer


How do I Induce Still Point for Myself?***
Find a quiet and comfortable place to lie down. Imagine a horizontal line across the back of your head in line with your ears and position the still point inducer in this location as you lower your head onto it. Relax and let the full weight of your head to settle onto it and stay in this position for 15-20 minutes. It is not recommended to fall asleep in this position because your head may shift onto one or more of the cranial sutures, and that may result in a headache.

***Do not use this technique without a doctor’s approval on anyone who has had a significant head injury, a stroke, may have any kind of bleeding inside the head or has a brain tumor.


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