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Music is another universal language that we can all enjoy.  Here I would like to share some free samples of music that I play for bodywork sessions. 

These are wonderful for general relaxation, but can also be useful for meditation, self-reiki treatments and quieting the mind right before sleep.  I am providing both a video version of the music, as well as a link to buy the music if you are interested.  

Please note that I do not have any financial incentives in listing this information or receive any monetary compensation-- my interest is only in providing another channel of support and assistance with reducing stress to my readers and clients.



Deuter: Illumination (from the album, "Buddha Nature") Buy MP3 Album

Lewellyn: Music for Reiki Healing (full album)  Buy MP3 Album

Deuter: Wind in Bamboo (from the album, "Spiritual Healing")  Buy MP3 Album

Hilary Stagg: Sweet Return  (from the album, "Sweet Return")  Buy MP3 Album

Anzan: Peaceful Passage (from the album, "Zen and the Art of Relaxation"  Buy MP3 Album

Liquid Mind: Relax  (Album samples) Buy MP3 Album

Aeoliah: Angel Love  (from the album, "Angel Love")  Buy MP3 Album

Paul Baker: Tranquil Harp (Album)  Buy MP3 Album

Erica Goodman: Heavenly Harp (Album)  Buy MP3 Album

Steven Halpern: Deep Theta 2.0 (Album)  Buy Album



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