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"I had a lot of massages over the years, because my back and neck always get really tight.  Gina is one of the best, if not "The Best" massage therapist out there.  It's not just massage, it's really therapy. She is a real treasure, and to have her in Pleasanton is wonderful!" - Greg N

"As a cancer patient, I have found Gina's massage therapy to be the perfect complement to my other medical treatments.  It is so relaxing and destresses me tremendously." - Kim B.

"Gina is wonderful!  She is especially considerate & responsive.  I can tell she is well trained and educated as a massage therapist.  I like/need deep tissue massages (and when I say deep tissue, I mean DEEP tissue).  Gina definitely came through and released all of my knots.  She clearly loves healing others through massage and I am so very grateful!  I am looking forward to my next appointment!" -J P

"Gina is amazing.  She understands circulation needs and overall health for an aging body.  Gina makes me feel like her friend as well as her client.  She is kind, warm and certainly knows what to do to improve my outlook and body functions." - Evelyn W

 "The tender, skillful, and knowledgeable massage I got relieved my aches and tension so well, it made me feel light and new! Gina has the passion and patience to work until the problems go away! Thank you for the time you spent, the love you inserted in me, the dedication to give without boundaries! Highly recommended!!! ♥ Gina!!!" - Galina M

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